Interactive Categories


Open Training Films

The open training areas allows non registered users to watch films and complete questions and answers after the film has finished. After successful completion of the questions a signature is required and a certificate is emailed directly to the user.

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Restricted Training Films

The restricted training areas allows only registered users who are logged in to watch films and complete questions and answers. After successful completion of the questions a signature is required and a certificate is emailed directly to the user. Registration criteria can be left open or on an invitation only basis.

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Showroom Films

The showroom areas contains films that are available to watch with no need to register or complete a questionnaire on completion. This area is ideal for corporate film or how to videos.

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Accountable training


Build your quiz


Easily add or edit multiple choice questions to each of your films. Viewers are required to complete the exam before a certificate is generated. Once complete you and your viewer receives email confirmation with their certificate attached.

Digital Signatures


Your viewers signature is recorded via mouse or touch and added to their certificate.


Video Delivery


Responsive embeds

Responsive embeds

We automatically encode and deliver HTML5 and Flash versions at multiple resolutions for crystal clear video anytime, anywhere.

HD bandwidth detection


Our servers instantly measure each viewer's connection and deliver the best quality video with the least buffering possible.




The ehub system has real-time analytics reporting at its core.

Video heatmaps

Video Heat Map

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and rewatched.

Viewer-based tracking

User Stats

Each user creates a unique event which is automatically added to your reports and you can view the users past activity and completion status or their training.

Data Export

Form extract

Export your visitor activity in CSV format or search and download certificates at any time.




Our uploader provides a complete video uploading experience out of the box. Upload films and choose your perfect thumbnails at any point.



Supporting Assets


Upload supporting documentation or manuals to each video. These can be restricted to access levels or left open to everyone.

docs excel img pdf PowerPoint


Data Security


ehub is hosted on state of the art PCI compliant servers and all data is transmitted securely via https, ensuring your data is safe.